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Owned and operated by the Cooper family since 1948 Coopers has become a landmark and roadside attraction in Scranton PA. More than just a restaurant think about us as an interesting dining tour experience, once you are here you’ll enjoy everything: the menu, the staff, the decor, and of course, the food.  Nothing is Ordinary!

Who would have thought that back in the late 1800s, when the Erie Railroad constructed a station house for their runs between Scranton and the upper & lower valley cities it would one day evolve into one of the most popular eating and drinking establishments on the East Coast?

Scranton, known as the “Electric City” because of its electric streetcar systems, was a great iron industrial center followed by the coal industry.  In the early to mid-1900s, as the need for railroads became less and less, the original Erie-Lackawanna Station was sold and made into a restaurant.

Cooper’s in Scranton has been a restaurant on this site for over 73 years. It has endured the region’s economic setbacks throughout the late ’50s and ’60s caused by the decrease in the need for anthracite products. From the mid to late ’70s to the present time, Cooper’s has been part of the resurgence of Scranton. Since 1976 seating has increased from 75 seats to over 500 seats, including our Pirate ship built on site along with the newest addition, the lighthouse and dock. In 1976, Cooper’s employed approximately 25 people. Today, in 2021, over 100 people are employed here!






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Mug Club Memberships Now open

Mug Club Memberships Now open

Mug Club

Make Cooper’s your unofficial neighborhood hangout with a Mug Club membership. Our friendly social club brings people together in conversation and camaraderie over frosty beers served in old-fashioned, Cooper’s ceramic mug.

What’s the deal and how do I get one? Become a member of the exclusive Cooper’s Mug Club, and tap into great deals, great beer and warm camaraderie that extends well beyond Cooper’s and Cooper’s Brewing Company.

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We love food, lots of different food, just like you, but fresh fish is our specialty and we’re serving up something incredible every day.


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Private Dining

Private Dining

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We pride ourselves on satisfying every event need, from customized menus to entertainment to décor! Our private room offers impressive surroundings to create the most exceptional events in all of Pennsylvania! From small parties, to corporate functions complete with breath-taking presentations, to full restaurant buyouts and even off-site catering. We will do it all to make your event the perfect night for everyone involved!




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