Ultimate Funko Pop The Office Figures Gallery and Checklist

Ultimate Funko Pop The Office Figures Gallery and Checklist

After what seemed like the longest wait possible, the Funko Pop The Office figures are finally a reality. Few recent franchises enjoyed such mainstream success and still had not been extended to the vinyl world. That is no longer the case thanks to the Pop! Television figures initially announced at Toy Fair New York 2019. Many of the choices pay tribute to the show with little additions that are easily recognizable to fans.

A true legend in American comedy, The Office was a springboard to success for many of the stars. Of course, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) leads off the Funko Pop The Office vinyl series. He is dressed in a dark suit and holds his favorite coffee cup, which reads “World’s Best Boss.”

Pam (Jenna Fisher) and Jim (John Krasinski) also come in their standard office attire. In addition, a limited Jim chase variant revisits his “Bookface” Halloween costume. Capturing the true essence of Dwight K. Schrute, the beet farmer is all business with his mustard shirt, oversized glasses and a cell phone holster.

Of course, The Office has plenty of options among the secondary characters on the show. The Pop! Television line includes Darryl Philbin and Kevin Malone, who is holding his ill-fated pot of chili.

And poor Toby, from human resources, can’t even get his own release. He shares a two-pack with Michael that memorializes his final day from “Goodbye, Toby.” In fact, Toby holds the “gift” from Michael, which is a rock with a note that states, “Suck on This!”

From there, the vinyl series has filled in with many exclusive options, including quite a few Dwight figures.

Funko Pop The Office Figures Checklist
869 Michael Scott
870 Jim Halpert
870 Jim Halpert Bookface Chase
871 Dwight Schrute
871 Dwight Schrute Blonde – Target
872 Pam Beesly
873 Darryl Philbin
874 Kevin Malone
875 Prison Mike – Hot Topic
876 Dwight Schrute Hay King – Walmart
877 Jim as Goldenface – Target
878 Andy Bernard w/ Banjo – Target
879 Jim Halpert as Dwight – BoxLunch
880 Jim 3-Hole Punch – FunkoShop
882 Dwight Schrute w/ Bobblehead – 2019 NYCC
904 Date Mike – Go Calendars
905 Dwight as Elf
906 Dwight as Belsnickel
907 Michael as Classy Santa
927 Dwight Schrute w/ Mask – FYE
938 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops – 2020 ECCC
972 Stanley Hudson Pretzel Day – GameStop
1004 Dwight Schrute w/ Jello
1005 Michael Scott Survivor Man
1006 Florida Stanley Hudson
1007 Meredith Palmer Casual Friday
1008 Kelly Kapoor Casual Friday
1009 Dwight Schrute – FunkoShop
1010 Dwight Schrute – Specialty Series
1015 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops – 2020 SDCC
1024 Angela Martin – GameStop
1041 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops – 2020 NYCC
1044 Michael Scott Straitjacket
1045 Dwight Schrute as Scranton Strangler
1046 Jim Halpert w/ Sign
1047 Jan Levinson
1048 Kevin Malone – BoxLunch
1049 Dwight as Pam – FunkoShop
1059 Michael Klump – GameStop
1060 Michael Scarn – Go Calendars
1061 Andy Sumo Suit – Target
1062 Dundie Award – Amazon
1072 Dwight Schrute as Kerrigan – 2021 ECCC
1103 Dwight Schrute Basketball – Chalice
1104 Creed Bratton – Specialty Series
1104 Creed Bratton Chase – Specialty Series
1103 Dwight Schrute Basketball Chase – Chalice
1107 Creed Bratton w/ Mung Beans – GameStop
1120 Michael Scott Basketball – Chalice
1130 Ryan Howard – Walmart
1130 Ryan Howard Blonde – Walmart
1131 Phyllis Vance – Walmart
1132 Oscar Martinez – Walmart
1145 Stanley Hudson Samurai – 2021 FunKon
1156 Jim Halpert Sumo – GameStop
1157 Stanley Hudson Sumo – GameStop
1159 Angela Martin Fun Run – GameStop
1171 Dwight Schrute Pumpkinhead
1170 Michael Scott w/ Crutches
1172 Pam Beesly w/ Teapot
1173 Oscar Martinez w/ Doll
1174 Erin Hannon
1175 Kevin Malone Superhero
1176 Younger Michael – FunkoShop
Dwight with Blow Torch – Target
Michael Golden Ticket – FYE

The Scranton Boys 2-Pack – FYE
Toby vs. Michael 2-Pack