Covid Rules and Regulations


A Few things we would like you to know before dining with us…

 We will not be taking reservations. Due to limited seating and new regulations we may need to restrict your dining time with us. This is new to us as well, so please be patient.

 Everyone must be seated by a hostess. You must wear a mask until we get you to your table. When traveling to the rest rooms please wear a mask.

 The tables & chairs are set up according to the plcb & Governors rules & regulations. Please, Do Not move a chair or try to put tables together. It is not allowed to maintain the regulatory distance required. The majority of tables are set up for 4 people. We have a few larger tables that can seat up to 8.

 If there is a wait you can grab a to-go drink from the bar and tailgate at your car. Please do not drink in your car as this is considered open container.

 There are no bar stools in Yellow zone as well as no standing at the bar or anywhere else. Social distancing is a must for everyones protection.

 We will not be running our birthday promotion until we are allowed to open at 100% capacity and all of our staff is safely back at work.

 Due to regulations of how many chefs can be scheduled, we will be serving a limited menu. We know some of your favorites will not be on it but please bear with us.

 Hand sanitizer units located at the entrance of the dock.

 Throwaway menus will be used in accordance with PA Secretary of Health regulations. We also have a digital menu you can view on your phone:

 All condiments are individual packaged and are available by request.

 Plastic ware is availalbe on request.

If it begins to rain during your meal, you must box your meals and leave. Unfortunately we are not allowed to allow the public inside to eat.  In the event your food is not yet served, you may kindly wait in your car until the order is ready and we will bring it to you.

 Reminder: these are not our rules, but we have to abide by them.

Come sail away with Cooper’s Seafood 🌞