7 Interesting Facts About Salmon

Salmon is important part of human diet because it contains a lot of proteins, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. What else do you know about Salmon? You can find some interesting facts below.

1. A female spring Chinook salmon can carry more than 4,000 eggs.

2. The oldest salmon fossil found is 50 million years old.

3. Salmon do not eat any food during the time they swim upstream to spawn.

4. The longest known trip ever taken by a salmon was a Chinook salmon that traveled 3,845 km (2,389 miles) upstream to spawn.

5. When salmon are swimming upstream, they can jump two yards into the air.

6. Most salmons will die as a result of exhaustion after spawning. Small percent of survived salmons will spawn few more time in their lifetime.

7. Salmon are rich in essential vitamins and can decrease the risk of coronary disease and certain cancers.